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Pricing Charts

Most bags will ship in 48 hours 

Here you can calculate an estimate of how much your bag should cost.

Starting Prices

$250 Starting price for a CUSTOM 6" pole vault bag (standard size, same as other factory pole brand bags) no ink

$200 Starting price for CUSTOM Javelin bags 4" bags (4" vault bags are quoted)

$475 Starting price for the ROCKBAG Vaulting Bags** (brief case style bag with zipper built in padding)

**(shipping on these bags can be $75/100$ becase of the size needs be be quoted

* drain tile (tube does not come with the bag(s) we send direction on where and how to get a tube with each bags 

AVG Cost of the bag we send out range from 320-380 prior to shipping cost- Shipping is  $35 of 1 or $50 for 3 bags via

(If you seen our bags 95% of the bags we make are around $340 plus shipping ) Popular price quotes are 300, 340, 360 (Crazy design can be 380-430) most crazy design we every made and can be seen on IG is 430 (its too much to spend unless you want to give us extra money :)  


$25.00 Name/ School per side per color (Heat screened one color) MOST POPULAR AND STRONGEST LASTING) Text is about 40"-60 x 5" (most ppl put school or personal name on both sides) 

$25.00 Space age vinyl sealant clean to be waxes in to the vinyl to help extend the life of the bag and paint.

$250.00 per Multi Color Panel (4' long each panel) (Digital Printed) Sky is the limit in design (don't do this )

$50.00 extra panel or a clear sleeve protector for digital print. (no need to cover one or two color screen) 

$50.00 extra end caps or reorder with clips ($2 each)

$25.00 NEW TIWISTES TIES for 1-4 poles to ties on your car - must have for moving 1-4 poles quick and fast

Quoted for Stripes, Pattens, Flags, quotes or other sewn on parts are quoted as per order

Quoted Full Digital Printed bage (avg bag is about $600 plus the shipping) DONT DO THIS BAG please... 

want a team bag (10" or 12") we can make then, they don't cost much more but they are heavy)

( cost of a FREAKING amazing pole vault bag is $300 plus shipping $35) ($3350)in the USA (one color logo/name design)


*Rockback bags are sleeved bags and is a soft style bag

School/Club Deals and Promotions

$975  3 bags any size and  2 colors ink, name on both sides with our heat sealed screened printing process, logo extra) 

$250 BAG OF THE WEEK ASK US WHAT WE HAVE AROUND (We post all of our bags on Instagram, you can use those photos to spark some ideas of your own) 

$150 mess up  (ask if we have anything) we dont mess up much 

We make it our goal never to make a bag the same, we try very hard to promote your program and bags so you will standout at the meet and not look like others

*shipping is always charges $35 for one and 50 for 3 bags  Shipping out side USA needs to be outed usd / quoted  (USA ships UPS) overseas DHL or UPS we dont cover customs unless you have us add that to the total.

*If you host a street vault let us know we might be able to hook you up with a promo bag for raffle.

More About the Bags

POLEBAGS.COM bags are truly "pole vaulter's" pole bags in that they are designed and custom manufactured in the United States by pole vaulters who know pole bags. We know what it's like to carry poles around to different track meets. We know that vaulters sometime drag the pole bag ends on the ground. We know what it's like to cart poles through an airport, on buses, and strap them on the roof of automobiles. So we designed this bag to be the best. We've reinforced the ends and used the strongest vinyl available. As a result, we also stand behind our product and warranty the manufacturing of the pole bag for year under normal wear and tear. For our fully-custom pole bags, if it comes apart during the first 6 months we'll repair it free of charge (you'll need to pay shipping charges to ship the defective bag back to us). All our pole bags come in any custom length. The bags are approximately 7" in diameter, large enough to fit around a 5"-6" dual-walled corrugated tube. Our bags are made out of 18oz knife coated cut vinyl. Each end of the bag has reinforced end-caps made with the strongest weave webbing available, which makes our end-caps stronger than other company's bags. The open-end of the bag has three steel D-rings that you can use to close the opening with a carabiner and secure you're poles in the bag. 

Vinyl Colors


Paint Colors 

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